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Tomb Raider – First Impressions


Lara kicks ass with her bow and arrow.

Let me start off by saying I have only played a couple hours of this game so far. This review is based on my first impressions, hence the title. Once I have completed it I will review it again and see if my feelings have changed. So, on with the review.   Read more…


Ryan Gosling’s Band – Dead Man’s Bones

I am a big Ryan Gosling fan and I have been since I saw Lars and the Real Girl a few years ago.  After watching that film, I set out to see the rest of his movies and was greatly impressed. But I’m not here to talk about Ryan’s acting or movies today. Instead I am posting to present to you his band: Dead Man’s Bones. Read more…

Couch Co-Op Game Review – The Low-Down on Borderlands 2.


I like video games. My boyfriend likes video games. Inevitably we like to play video games together. We are always on the lookout for a new couch co-op game to try (preferably it has to have a good campaign). So I decided, why not make this part of my blog? Share the knowledge with other couples or friends who are looking for games to play alongside each other. So once or twice a month, my boyfriend and I will review a co-op game we have played and give the low down here on my blog. We might even include some awesome multi-player PC games! Anyway, today’s game is our favourite co-op game of all time: Borderlands 2.

Read more…

Friday’s Flash Review: All Good Things (2010)


Happy Friday Everyone!

I have decided that on each Friday I’m going to do a mini-review on a movie which I will call a “flash” review..for alliteration and such. Just because I’m usually quite busy on a Friday and I think everyone likes something that’s quick and easy to digest before the weekend..or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway! Today’s film is All Good ThingsI literally just watched this movie right there. It’s one I hadn’t heard of until recently even though I am a big Gosling fan and it came out all the way back in 2010. I don’t think it had a lot of promotion behind it and it wasn’t released on DVD in the UK until February of this year. Who knows what that is about. Anyway, I’m rambling, I’ll get on with the review now. Read more…

As Veronica Mars Fans Buzz, My Mind Turns to Another Show. Jericho: In the Spotlight.



There’s nothing worse than when a show gets canceled and you are left wondering what would have happened next. This is a feeling that Veronica Mars fans are all too familiar with. However, a recent project launched by cast members of the show has given the fans back some hope.

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched a project on kickstarter just yesterday to help raise 2 Million US dollars in order to fund a Veronica Mars movie. As of right now they have raised just over 2.5 Million. And they have another 29 days of fundraising to go.  People knew there was a die hard fan base but I believe this has surpassed everyone’s expectations.  The media world is a buzz with the news. This is exciting stuff for the fans of the show. It looks like they are finally getting the closure they have been longing for.

If you want more information, you can see the project here. However, the news hasn’t just caused excitement for followers of Veronica Mars. Fans of other canceled TV shows, myself included, have had a fresh batch of hope.  I want to take this opportunity to  discuss a show that is close to my heart.

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TV’s Top Badasses.

Badasses and Heroes. These are two type of people that feature time and time again in books, movies and plays. TV is no exception. The best thing about TV? You can really get to know the characters in depth. What makes them a badass? Is it their childhood, their motivations, their situation? We can only speculate.

In today’s post I present to you some of the best badasses TV has ever seen. They all come from excellent shows that I’d highly recommend you watch.

Enjoy. Read more…

The Best and Worst of Judd Apatow


Funny People by Franz Richter Via Wiki Commons

Judd Apatow, the famous director, producer and screen writer. With a lot of his stuff, it’s kind of like marmite. For those of you who have no clue what marmite is, by that I mean, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love a lot of Apatow’s work but I also hate a lot of it too. I don’t want to say too much in this intro as my reasons will be given throughout the article. So I present to you Judd Apatow: His best and worst (according to me). Read more…