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Retro Gaming: My Favourite Childhood PC Games.

March 20, 2013


I suppose I had somewhat of an unusual childhood when it comes to gaming. Yes I played all the usual games a 90s kid would have; MarioKart, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot etc. but I also played a lot of PC games.

I love the old consoles and gameboys, in fact I still have a SNES, dreamcast and N64, but there will always be a special place in my heart for the old school PC Games. So in honour of them, I am counting down my favourites right here on my blog. You can also expect to see more Retro Gaming posts on the consoles too at some point.


#4- The Sims


Coming in at number 4 is a game I think most gamers have played at some point in their life: the Sims. This was one of the games my papa brought us back from the US. Looking back he made some good game choices, he also got us Tomb Raider. Anyway, for us and everyone else who played the Sims, it was a completely different gaming experience from anything else at the time. My brothers and I loved creating ourselves, getting jobs and completing goals. As well as the normal stuff, we also enjoyed killing Mortimer in the swimming pool so we could have his money and house (did anyone else do this?). Electronic Arts were obviously onto something as the success of the Sims series is now very apparent. I won’t spend any more time explaining it as I’m sure everyone knows and if you don’t you are seriously missing out. I loved this game so much I even got the games for the Playstation (which I still have) and I now play Sims Freeplay on my kindle. However, it was originally a PC game that I spent quite a few hours of my childhood playing which gives it the number 4 spot on the list!


#3 – Diablo


As well as my papa there was one other person who introduced us into the world of PC gaming; my uncle. This and the other two games coming up on this list he originally bought and shared with us. Diablo is an excellent PC game and unsurprisingly it still sits at the number 1 spot on GameSpot’s top PC games of all time. Having come out in 1996, it’s quite a feat to have held the top spot for all those years. That’s a testament to just how good this game was and still is. This is the first role-playing game I remember playing but it was certainly a welcome installment in the genre, helping to pave the way for future games. This game was wonderfully simple. You chose either a Rogue, Warrior or a Sorcerer and then you would work your way through several creepy dungeons with a variety of enemies until you made it to Hell in order to kill Diablo himself. As you were doing this you could collect gear and weapons, learn abilities and spells and discuss your quest with the friendly NPCs. It wasn’t a completely revolutionary idea but Blizzard done it in such a way that you were compelled to play on and it clearly influenced later games of the genre. Diablo is such an excellent game that I suggest you all try it even though it’s almost 20 years old.


#2 – Age of Empires


Around the same time we were playing Diablo, we were also playing Age of Empires. We sunk hours into this game and I still play it now and again with one of my brothers and my boyfriend. We are still amazed how one multiplayer game can take close to three hours to finish but after it you feel like only one hour has passed. Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game which allows you to play as as an ancient civilization as you advance from tool age to iron age. You can battle against other civilsations either controlled by NPCs or by real people online. The aim is to advance your civilisation quickest in order to destroy the opposing teams. You can control an army of cavalry, archers, boats and other ancient war units. In order to build your civilisation you need to collect the materials wood, food, stone and iron. There is also a campaign version in which you can complete a series of quests. I haven’t played many RTS games outwith Command and Conquer and AoE itself so I am not even going to attempt to review this game based on its standing in the genre. All I can say is I had a heap of fun playing this as a kid and I still do now. As long as PCs continue to support this game, I will play it. 


#1 – EverQuest


There is no doubt in my mind that EverQuest is the best PC game I ever played in my childhood, or perhaps ever. We played this game so much I have no idea how we had time for any other games. Again when I was playing this game I was pretty young so I don’t have a great idea of the history of MMORPGs but I have heard EverQuest revolutionized the genre. When people talk about MMORPGs they always mention World of Warcraft but EverQuest came first and in my opinion in its heyday it was 100 times better than its successor. Anyway, I am not writing to argue whether EverQuest or WoW is better, all you need to know is this was the best game of my childhood. This game makes me very nostalgic and those who have also played EverQuest mourn the way it used to be. You can play it free now but it will never be the same. Gone but never forgotten. And that’s why  it gets the top place in my favourite childhood PC games.

So, were you a PC gamer in your youth? What are your favourite PC games?


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