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Ryan Gosling’s Band – Dead Man’s Bones

March 18, 2013

I am a big Ryan Gosling fan and I have been since I saw Lars and the Real Girl a few years ago.  After watching that film, I set out to see the rest of his movies and was greatly impressed. But I’m not here to talk about Ryan’s acting or movies today. Instead I am posting to present to you his band: Dead Man’s Bones.

Dead Man’s bones is more of a duet than band per se as it consists of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields. The pair met through Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams and soon discovered they had a mutual love for music and the supernatural. Originally they intended to make a horror-themed theatrical production but that idea was abandoned. Instead, the pair decided to keep the songs and release an album.

Zach, Ryan and the Silverlake Conservatory's Children's Choir together for the front cover of the Dead Man's Bones album.

Zach, Ryan and the Silverlake Conservatory’s Children’s Choir together for the front cover of the Dead Man’s Bones album.

They have one album to date, self-titled Dead Man’s Bones, which was made in complete collaboration with the Silverlake Conservatory’s Children’s choir. If memory serves me correctly, the songs follow the love story between a ghost and a werewolf. Each song has a supernatural theme. Through the use of varied instruments and both children’s and adult’s vocals,  the band manages to bring a ghostly feel to the music.  Zach and Ryan also decided to record each song in three takes or less. They wanted to go for a more unpolished feel to the album which has lead to a lot of small imperfections in the songs. These imperfections really add to the tone of the album and add to its ghostly theatrical feel.

I am not even going to attempt to relate this band’s music to anyone or anything else. It is completely unique from anything I’ve heard. Wikipedia classes it as indie or folk rock and I guess that is the closest genre but don’t let that classification put you off if you aren’t a rock fan. All the songs are very varied in mood and beat. There really is something for everyone.

Dead Man's Bones - Ryan and Zach

Dead Man’s Bones – Ryan and Zach

I guess what I’m saying is you really need to listen to this band! The album is truly amazing and if you are a big supernatural fan, you should definitely appreciate it. So go on, give the above youtube video a play or go check out their other songs, and let me know what you think!


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  1. sianmann permalink

    I agree, you cannot compare them to any other band or musician! I first heard them when I was innocently clicking through random YouTube videos on a week night and firstly, I didn’t believe it was Ryan Gosling, and secondly, I had never heard anything like it. If I could compare it to anything, I guess It sort of reminded me of CocoRosie’s songs ‘Werewolf’ and ‘Lemonade’ with how the music is atmospheric, and hauntingly creepy, but besides that the band completely stands on its own! Very refreshing! And was nice to know Ryan isn’t just something nice to look at too haha

    P.s I have no clue if that made sense, I just awoke from a feel slumber, but happened to stumble on your blog and felt the need to comment!


    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes it made sense until you said “feel slumber”, I’m guessing you meant deep haha :P. And that was a bit unfair to Ryan, he is a great actor too! Nice to know Dead Man’s Bones has another fan 🙂

      • sianmann permalink

        Oh feel slumber…. Definitely meant deep! And yes, certainly a great actor too, Blue Valentine is one of my absolute favourite films!

      • Yeah I loved that one too! I might have to give it another watch and review it. Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl?

      • sianmann permalink

        A friend made me watch Lars and the Real Girl a couple years back and I remember feeling a little weird throughout the film (I was 15 or something, wasn’t too open minded either) so I may have to give it another watch

      • Haha yeah it is a strange one! But I would definitely give it a watch again. His film Half Nelson is very good too. And of course Drive which you have probably seen.

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