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Couch Co-Op Game Review – The Low-Down on Borderlands 2.

March 16, 2013


I like video games. My boyfriend likes video games. Inevitably we like to play video games together. We are always on the lookout for a new couch co-op game to try (preferably it has to have a good campaign). So I decided, why not make this part of my blog? Share the knowledge with other couples or friends who are looking for games to play alongside each other. So once or twice a month, my boyfriend and I will review a co-op game we have played and give the low down here on my blog. We might even include some awesome multi-player PC games! Anyway, today’s game is our favourite co-op game of all time: Borderlands 2.





The 4 main characters of Borderlands 2. Axton, Maya, Zero and Salvador.

There is quite a lot to say for this game so I will break it down into sections! That way you can look at the info you are particularly interested in.


Release Date – Sept 21st 2012

Price – You can now pick up this game brand-new for around £20.

Our Total Play-time – We have clocked in over 100 hours on this bad boy. We played most of those hours within the first couple of months. We were addicts. Borderlands and Papa John’s pizza was our weekend.

DLC – 3 released so far, 1 to come. However, Gearbox have mentioned  additional content out-with the original planned 4 DLC. They have suggested that this will continue until there is no longer interest in the game.


Maya gets to grips with the baddies.


Premise: The basic idea is pretty much the same as the first borderlands but with an actual story-line. For those of you that have never played either, I will give a brief summary.  You are in a fictional world called Pandora where apparently there is a secret “vault” in which no one knows what is inside. Most people on Pandora believe it is treasure. You are a vault hunter whose quest it is to find the treasure before your evil nemesis gets to it first.

Will I like his game if I didn’t enjoy the first borderlands? – This game is similar to the  first but 100 times better. Gearbox took the basic premise and built upon it. A lot. There are more skill points and trees to work upon. More guns, more monsters, more lands. Most of all there is an actual story-line with its own quest line so you know which quests to do first. I would still 100% recommend it even if you didn’t like the first.

Style and Genre: This game is a shoot-em-up. An open-world shoot-em-up. You go through different lands each with its own creatures or human bandits. You shoot them to pieces and their loot sprays all over the ground and you have great fun picking up it all up. A shoot and loot. It’s amazing. Obviously you aren’t just doing this randomly, you will have quests and mob bosses. It is pretty fun!


A glimpse at Maya Skills Tree.


Characters and Skills: There are 4 characters to choose from, 5 with DLC. This is where the beauty of Co-Op comes in. Each character has 3 skills trees which you can choose to advance with your skill points. Each skill tree unlocks special abilities or advantages for your character. Also, each character has its own special power. E.g. if you play the Siren, Maya, you can put your enemies in a bubble for a short while and try to shoot them to pieces. Using the skill trees, you can add to this power. The way this game was set up was so that you each character complements the others and you can use the skill trees to complement each other even more!  In case anyone was interested, I chose Maya and my boyfriend chose Zero. We didn’t know this at the time, but apparently they complement each other the best.


So What’s Good About This Game?

  • The NPCs  – The game is packed full of unusual and hilarious NPC characters. Pandora has a untrained doctor, a crazed Russian guns-man, a British hunter and a teenage bomb expert just to name a few. You also have fellow vault hunters. As well as the good guys, you have the arch enemy, handsome Jack. As you go through the game the NPCs talk to you and some of the chat is hilarious. You will grow to love them all.

One of the NPCs – Tiny Tina!

  • The GUNS – This game has  A LOT of guns. Some guns are basic with a simple damage and accuracy ratio. Some have effects e.g. fire, corrosion, electrocution.  There are pistols, SMGs, shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers. Then there are the legendary weapons that sometimes cross the two so you get a sniper that shoots like a SMG gun. There are so many possibilities and you will constantly be trying to improve yourself with new guns.
  • The Mobs – This game has a lot of baddies. There’s bandits, robots, bird-like creatures, worm-like creatures, wolf-like creatures. The list goes on. Each has its own weakness to an element  e.g. robots don’t like corrosive guns. Some have some funny things to say: e.g. quoting Shakespeare.
  • It’s Open World and It’s Pretty Detailed.  As well as being packed to the brim with mobs and guns, the game is also open world. There are lots of lands to explore, loot chests to find and secret missions to discover. Also, there are a lot of small details in the game which will have you chuckling.

Creepers from Mincecraft get a Cameo.

  • It’s Made for Co-Op. Not many games are made specifically with a co-op campaign in mind. This game is and you can tell. As I mentioned previously, each character is tailored in way that it can complement the other characters. The game is made for 2-4 players and it is awesome!
  • The Game References – This game has quite a few game references within it. For example, as you level you unlock in-game achievements which are called “ding newbie”, “ding expert”  etc. This is a reference to Everquest which I loved! I believe other MMORPGs have adopted the phrase “ding!” when leveling too. There are other in-game achievements which reference pop culture. There is even a small minecraft homage in one the maps as well. Have fun shooting up the creepers.
  • It’s Funny – The quests, the characters, the details, the mobs. They are funny bits everywhere and if you are a bit of a geek you will love it.

Claptrap, the friendly robot. You will see the irony in this photo once you’ve played.


So What’s Bad About it?

  • The Level Cap. This game takes quite a while to complete. There are two mode;. Normal and then True Vault Hunter. The second mode scales all the characters and quests up to your new level. It will take quite a while to do all the missions, however, you will find that you cap yourself at level 50 before you can complete everything. You can complete the main quests twice before capping out at 50 but you won’t be able to do all the side quests and DLC on top of it. We capped around 70/80 hours in. Which is a A LOT but if you are addicted like us then it is frustrating to play further without making progress. It also becomes a bit too easy. However, Gearbox should be raising the cap soon enough. Hopefully. Also, you can start again with another one of the characters.
  • The Occasional Bug – This game has its bugs. Personally we have encountered any but I’ve heard of some.  I wouldn’t worry too much about it though. It rarely happens and they aren’t game breaking. Besides, I think most of them will be fixed by now.
  • It’s Not Really a Solo Game – This game is built for co-op. You can play it single player but it will be hard. And it won’t be as fun! So you will want to team up either couch co-op or over the internet for this one.

One of the raid bosses, Hyperious – He will slay you. Over and Over.

  • There are Some Bosses That May Need 4 players – There are raid bosses in this game. They aren’t part of the main quests but if you want to compete all the missions and get that achievement unlocked you will need to kill them. And they are VERY hard, especially for 2 players. The creators were obviously MMORPG fans because these bosses are meant to be completed with 4 characters as part of a raid! So that can be a bit frustrating.
  • The Graphics – Personally I love the borderlands cartoony style of graphics. However, some people prefer ultra-realism so if you do, you will be disappointed. This game isn’t for the graphics. And in my opinion, graphics don’t make a game anyway but thought I would mention it in case you find it important.

So play the game because Claptrap needs saved!


So I have said a lot about this game. Some good, some a little less good. However, if you love gaming alongside a partner or a friend then you will LOVE this game. It was made with couch co-op in mind. Believe it or not I have just skimmed the surface with what this game has to offer. It will take a long time for you to get fed up with it, trust me! However, bear in mind, there is at present a level cap which you will reach eventually which might ruin your gaming experience. But hopefully they will lift the cap, and soon.

My co-op rating – 9/10! (It would be 10/10 if they had raised the cap already)


Have you played this game? What do you think? What is your favourite co-op game?


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